Sedum Adolphi, Adolph’s Sedum, Golden sedum

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Sedum adolphii is a tender succulent also known as Adolph’s  sedum or Golden sedum. Sedum adolphi makes a fine golden ground cover with its fleshy plump leaves arranged in a rosette manner.


Sedum Adolphii

The rosettes produce new leaves at the center giving it a shape of  rose and as they age, the old leaves are shed apart  which can grow again into a new plant if right conditions are provided. When grown in full sun the leaves take on the orange-red highlights that make it a visual delight. It blooms in spring with small cream colored flower heads produced at the tips.

Care instructions of Sedum adolphii

Light -Partial to full sun

Water – Water the Adolph sedum weekly, or more often during summers.

Temperature:  They require hotter climatic conditions to grow at their best.

Propagation– Adolph sedum is easy to grow the plant . They can be propagated from leave cuttings.  Extract healthy leaves from the stem by plucking them properly let them dry, and then place the cutting into the soil. Provide right conditions to grow

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