Money plant (Epipremnum aureum ,golden pothos, ivy arum, silver vine) in Plastic Pot

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  • Buy money plant in 5 inch plastic pot
  • Pothos are low maintenance plants.
  • Survives well indoors
  • Best for homes and offices
  • Delivered safely
  • Safe Packaging


Also commonly known as golden pothoshunter’s robeivy arummoney plantsilver vineSolomon Islands ivy and taro vine. It is also called devil’s vine or devil’s ivy because it is almost impossible to kill.


Pothos are hardy indoor plant and have dark green leaves splashed and marbled in shades of yellow, cream, or white. Pothos can be placed at several different location in the home: You can grow it in hanging baskets to trail down, let it climb a totem or trellis, or grow horizontally along a tabletop or mantle.

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