Codiaeum variegatum, Superstar Croton, Garden croton, Variegated croton

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Crotons are evergreen plants which look really beautiful in the interiors of the room. They have thick, leathery and shiny leaves. They grow in a wide variety of colors and are valued for their foliage.The leaves look simply stunning. The plant adds an exotic touch to your living room or garden.

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Care Instructions For Superstar Croton

How to grow? Crotons grow best in well-drained soil. Crotons can be propagated using stem cuttings and air layering

Level of care: Crotons are easy to care plants.

Light :  For best colors of the plant leaves, put your crotons under partial shade. A southern facing window is ideally suited for the foliage of the crotons.

Water: Water the croton plants daily. Crotons love humidity. Keep a few pebbles in a tray and fill it with water. Put the croton plant pot in the tray. This keeps the environment humid and helps in the growth of the plant.

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