Lucky Bamboo Plant (Dracaena sanderiana) – 4 Sticks

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Buy Lucky Bamboo Plant (4 Sticks) with a glass vase.

Each stick would be around 60 cm long.

Dracaena sanderiana also called as Ribbon Dracaena, Lucky bamboo is a small group of plants which have slender, strap-like waxy leaves. In Feng Shui, it is cited to bring good luck and prosperity. This plant has tough stalks and can survive in pure water. It can grow up to 2 to 3 feet height.

Product Description:

  • 4 Lucky Bamboo Stick up to 60cm in height.
  • 1 Transparent glass vase.
  • Rooted Lucky bamboo sticks.

The Lucky Bamboo plant is also known as Curly Bamboo, Chinese Water Bamboo, Friendship Bamboo, Goddess of Mercy Plant and Ribbon plant.

Lucky Bamboo doesn’t belong to the bamboo family. It belongs to the same family as of the lily plant.

Care Instructions For Lucky Bamboo Plant

Lucky Bamboo is quite easy to grow and care.

Sunlight – They like very little light. However, they do best under indirect bright light.

Soil – These plants can also be grown in well-drained, rich potting soil. It can also grow in a vase filled with water and some pebbles.

Water – Lucky bamboo plants are more often grown in narrow bottles filled with water. Ensure that the water is free of chlorine and other chemicals. It is advised to use distilled water.

Temperature – Appreciate cooler temperatures i.e., 15C – 25C. Do not place them near air conditioner as it creates a dry atmosphere for plants.

Humidity – Maintain appropriate humidity and warmth for the plant.

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