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Buy String of hearts plant in 5-inch plastic pot

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Actual Plant would be delivered in a 5-inch plastic pot with one string of approximately 15 cm to 30 cm in length. If a string is less then 15cm then there would be 2 strings.

Ceropegia Woodii is a popular houseplant worldwide and known internationally as “chain of hearts”, “string of hearts”, or “rosary vine” because it’s trailing branches resemble a string of beads.

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It is a lovely small houseplant appreciated for its heart-shaped leaves and trailing growth. The plant grows stems that are very long and wiry. They have leaves that are shaped like hearts or arrowheads with a silvery sheen on their upper sides.

Varieties Available for sale: ceropegia woodii variegata, ceropegia woodii silver glory



The flowers can be purple or purplish-white and shaped like tubes have downwardly orientated hairs on the inside and hairs on the outside and at the edges of the lobes. Colours include reds, purples, yellows, greens, and mixtures of these. They produce abundant of flowers just after the rainy season.

How To Propagate String of Hearts Plant

• Propagating in Water:

The first way of propagating a string of hearts plant is, put the cuttings in the water. Keep it in a mild warm place. It’s better to change the water after a couple of weeks. Make sure the water covers the root.

• Propagating in Soil:

Mix the stem cuttings in a blend of cactus soil. You can either root the stem cuttings in a mix formulated for propagation or you can also dip the end of the stem in a rooting hormone before planting it. It’s better to keep the plant inside your house where there’s no direct sunlight for a couple of weeks before placing it outside in the direct sunlight.

• You can prune the String of Hearts plant and fill a pot over three-fourths of the way full of cactus and succulent mix soil. Don’t cover it with any other mix and laid the mass of tubers in. Keep the pot in bright shade and water it every week.

• Propagating Using the Plant’s Tubers:

Put the tubers that grow on the stems at the bottom of the leaves and pin them in a separate pot with the succulent and cactus mix. Cut the stem after the tuber has rooted.

If there is a tuber forming on one of the stems,  remove it and place it on top of a new pot with the same fast-draining soil mixture you used for the mother plant. Once in contact with the soil, these tubercles will spring roots and propagate the plant.

The best time to plant the string of the hearts plant is during spring and summer. The tubers grow better if they’re kept near the surface of the soil so try to avoid sinking it too down. Prune the plant regularly because it grows too fast and tangles easily. Pruning can also stimulate fresh new growth. The string of hearts plant can be grown throughout the year.

Care Instructions For String of Heart Plant

This plant thrives in well-drained sandy soil. They like low humidity and bright light. It’s best to keep it near a sunny spot in your room.

• Keep the plant in a place where it can get a few hours of sunlight every day.
• It can survive in room temperatures. However, the minimum temperature for this plant to stay alive is 15°C.
• Water only when you feel the soil on the top is dry. The roots of the plant are skinny and can rot if over watered. Don’t water it more during winter as this plant goes dormant during winter.
• Use a regular diluted house fertilizer to feed the string of hearts plant.
• When the plant seems root bound, then it’s the time to re-pot the plant. You can use a cactus blend soil or you can mix sand (about one-third) to the average potting soil.

Is The String of Hearts Plant Poisonous?

Unlike the string of pearls plant, the string of hearts plant is not toxic to humans as well as animals but it’s always a better option to keep it out of reach of children and animals.

The fact that the string of hearts is not poisonous gives you one more reason to plant it.

Lesser Known Facts About Strings Of Heart

Among some species, such as Ceropegia woodii, the nodes swell, and the roots similarly expand to form tubers beneath the soil surface.  this “traps” flies inside and won’t let them out until the fly is covered in pollen. Once that happens the hairs wither allowing the fly to leave and spread its pollen around

Shipping and Delivery Information

The plant needs special care before packing for delivery. The string of heart plant would be specially hand-packed to get to your doorstep in the best condition.

The plant would be shipped within 4-5 business days. You’ll receive a shipping email alert with tracking info when your order is dispatched. this plant is delivered via best couriers such as FedEx to reach your doorstep as soon as possible.

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  1. Mary A, New Delhi

    Just received my 2nd batch of 5 strings of hearts today and potted it with my 1st single string of hearts I had ordered previously. Was very happy with the plant, the string was healthy and long just as mentioned in the website. So I ordered another 3, but got two more strings for free to compensate the length of the previous one. I am super happy with plant decor and fully satisfied with their customer service. I must also mention how Akshay was very helpful in giving a small discount as I only needed the plants and not the pots. Will definitely buy more plants soon 🙂

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