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Sedeveria green rose is an intergeneric hybrid which belongs to the family of Crassulaceae.  Sedeveria green rose is a beautiful succulent with asymmetric rosette. It is densely packed with symmetrical greyish-green-green color plumpy leaves, with notched leaf ends which gives rosette a lacy look.


Sedeveria green rose is made up of masses of tiny rosettes, this evergreen sedum is perfect for container plant or can also be planted to spill over rock walls. In summer, tiny star-like yellowish- green flowers cover the plant.

Care Instructions of Sedeveria Green Rose –

Light -Partial to full sun

Water – They require to be watered less once a week. During winters water more often when the soil gets dried out.

Soil – Well-drained, cactus mix soil.

Temperature:  Thrives well in hotter conditions with lower to moderate humidity conditions.

Propagation– leave cuttings from the stem can be propagated by drying them at first for two days and then planting it in the soil. Keep the potting soil moist until the cutting begins to grow.

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