Red Poinsettia Plant, Euphorbia Pulcherrima, Christmas Indoor Flowering Plant

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Poinsettias are traditional Christmas flowering plants that are widely grown indoors for their brightly colored bracts that appear like large leaves. The bracts are often red in color but in recent years they are variegated to produce pink and white bracts giving them a unique look.


The red colorful bracts of Poinsettia appear at the top of the dark green leaves just like a crown holding small flowers in it. The flowers bloom during December and starts fading from January. However one can grow the poinsettias to make it rebloom for the next season by taking good care of them.

Care Instructions of Red Poinsettia

Propagation – Poinsettias can be propagated by softwood cuttings in May, making sure you wear gloves, as the milky sap can be an irritant.

Soil –  Sandy or red garden soil is ideal  Make sure soil is well drained and aerated.

Light – Poinsettias need bright, but filtered light, away from strong sun and draughts.

Temperature – They grow well at colder temperatures. However, protect it from extreme cold and heat conditions.

Water – Water moderately to keep the soil moist, or when the surface of the soil is dry


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