Raat Ki Rani – Jasmine Night Blooming (Cestrum nocturnum)

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Cestrum nocturnum is a night-blooming, evergreen woody shrub. This plant has a pretty white creamy flower, which opens and spreads a romantic and intoxicating fragrance at night. The Cestrum nocturnum is a fast-growing plant in warm climates. It blooms multiple times in the beginning of summer months.


Care Instructions for Cestrum Nocturnum

Propagation: This plant grows vigorously and can be propagated from seeds, cuttings or semi-ripe cuttings.

Soil: Sandy or red garden soil is ideal  Make sure soil is well drained and aerated.

Light: Grows best in sunlight. Ensure that the plant is exposed to at least 6 hrs of sunlight or light partial shade each day to bloom and good growth

Temperature: They thrive well at warmer temperatures. However, protect it from extreme cold and heat conditions.

Water: Water moderately to keep the soil moist, but reduce watering in winter during its dormancy.

Humidity: It thrives well at higher humidity conditions with warm temperatures.

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