Mentha Spicata (Mint, Spear mint)

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Spearmint is grown in kitchen garden for its strong flavor and also as various landscapes, including ground cover or in hanging baskets due to its trailing habitat  It is known to improve respiratory health when chewed. Also, the leaves of Mentha, when ingested is known to improve digestion, circulation of blood, stress relieving and to optimize hormone level.

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Spearmint or Mentha spicata is an aromatic herb of the mint family, it serves many purposes with its pleasant smelling property. It is an evergreen perennial herb plant widely used in culinary.

Care Instructions of Mentha Spicata (Mint, Spear mint)

Propagation – Mint can be propagated both by seeds and cuttings. They grow vigorously during summers if provided with ambient conditions

Water – Water plenty during its growth period, and cut -it down when the plant has no growth and is in a dormant stage.

Light – They need bright light and warmer temperatures to grow well.

Humidity – Maintain higher humidity conditions for the plant to grow at its best

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