Mammilaria Diocia (Fish Hook, Strawberry Cactus)

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  • Mammilaria Diocia, Strawberry Cactus in 6 inch plastic pot
  • Cactus are low maintenance plants, requires less water and care
  • Survives well indoors
  • Best for homes and offices
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Mammillaria dioica, also called the strawberry cactus, California fishhook cactus, strawberry pincushion or fishhook cactus. Mammillaria dioica possesses short, firm tubercles ending in the spines.

The spines of Mammilaria diocia are whitish and straight covered all over the green succulent stem, but each tubercle has a longer central spine which is slightly curved and dark. Some plants may produce bisexual flowers as well, thus totaling three types of flower on a single plant. The flowers are white to cream in color and range from 10 millimeters (0.4 inches) to 30 millimeters (1.2 inches) in length

Care Instructions of Mammilaria Diocia (Fish Hook, Strawberry Cactus)

Propagation – Mammilaria diocia is one the plant which is hard to cultivate. However one of the easiest ways of propagation is through offsets. Taking off the offsets from the parent plant’s base during spring and planting them in a cactus mix soil can produce more offsets.

Light – This spiny cactus requires at least 4-6 hrs. of sunlight to grow better.

Water – Water is very less required for these cacti. Do not over lodge the soil as it can cause root rot.

Soil – Well-drained cactus mix soil

Temperature – keep the plants at a place where the temperature can rise to over 30° C

Humidity – low – moderate humidity conditions.


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