Hoya Plant (Wax plant, Wax vine, Wax flower)

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Hoya  are evergreen perennial, mostly climbing or trailing vines, with some shrubs and is commonly called Wax Plant, wax vine and waxflower. Hoyas are famous as indoor houseplants because they are easy to take care of and add an exotic touch.

Hoya plants have glossy, elliptical, dark green leaves with sweet-scented and star-shaped flowers. The flowers look like wheels growing in clusters ranging in colors from porcelain white to very pale pink, having a red centre.


How To Propagate Hoya

They can be propagated by stem cuttings. Cuttings should be of at least 3-6 inches long and once they are cut are allowed to heal for few days and planted in a cactus mix soil.

Care Instructions For Hoya

Hoyas can tolerate very dry conditions and require three to four hours a day of indirect sunlight which is essential for healthy growth and flowering. Enough watering is to be done to keep the mixture from drying out.

Lesser known fact

Hoya plants are excellent at removing indoor pollutants. They are also very suited for terrariums.

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