Large Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

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Ficus Lyrata also called as Fiddle leaf fig is a species of flowering plant native to Africa. This plant is one of the easy growing plants with little care. It has got very large, violin-shaped leaves attached to a single stem which gives a rain forest look the house.

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In its natural habitat, the plant produces orange-red color flowers which later on become fruits. However, it is difficult to see flowers in indoor plants.

Care Instructions For Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

Soil – well-drained soil containing peat moss and perlite

Sunlight – Morning and evening sun is good for the plant, when it is indoors put them in a bright lit spot

Water – Do not overwater. Ensure the soil is moist by watering moderately or when the surface of the soil is dry

Temperature – warm – cooler temperatures are best suited for this plant i.e., 20C – 35C

Humidity – Moderate to high humidity. During winters try to keep the pot tray filled with water to create high humid conditions when the atmosphere is dry.

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