Ficus Benjamina (Weeping Fig)

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Also known as Benjamin fig, weeping fig is a very popular houseplant and office plant. The species has dark green to light green glossy leaves which are oval in shape in between and pointed at the tips. It is a very fast growing ficus species and must be constantly pruned to keep it smaller. These plants are often used as Bonsai plants. It is said that these species sap can cause allergies when exposed for a longer period of time.


Care Instructions For Ficus Benjamina

Sunlight – They do well both in full sun and part shade. When placed indoors provide bright light.

Soil – Any kind of soil which is fast draining is good for Ficus benjamina

Water – Regular watering should be done during growing season. However, do not over water.

Temperature – They are tolerant to wide range of temperatures and found to survive drought conditions

Propagation – Propagation is mainly done through cuttings.

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