Echeveria (Hens and Cheeks Plant)

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Echeveria are very popular succulents species grown as ornamental garden plants. They are fairly small shrub-like plants reaching a height of upto 2 feet belonging to Crassulaceae family.


Echeveria are fleshy leaved succulents with pronounced rosette shaped leaves in a variety of colors and sometimes stunning flowers. They make superb container plants for a warm deck or patio.

How to grow Echeveria

They are easily propagated from leaf cuttings whereas a few are better grown from seeds.

Place the individual leaf cutting in a succulent or cacti mix and observe until the new plant sprouts.

Care instructions for Echeveria

Echeveria like full sun but avoid afternoon sun as it may cause foliage discoloration. They cannot handle lower temperatures, so put them near the brightest window in your house. These plants are drought-resistant, but also do better with regular deep watering and fertilizing.

Lesser known fact

The genus Echeveria is Named after a Mexican botanical artist, Atanasio Echeveria .

Echeveria gibbiflora is the largest of all echeveria species, and one of the parent plants of the majority of the large, cabbage-head echeveria hybrids we’ve come to know so well.

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