Crassula Perforata

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Crassula perforata also known as String of buttons is a small, shrubby, succulent found native to South Africa. This fast-growing succulent has erect stems which contain fleshy, broad ovate grey-green leaves which are slightly pink at the edges. It also produces tiny star-shaped flowers which are white in color and produced during spring.


Care Instructions For Crassula

Soil: They like well-drained cactus mix soil

Light: They thrive well both in full sun or light shade. The coloration of leaf depends on amount of sun

Propagation: Crassulas are easy to grow and can be propagated by division, offsets, or leaf cuttings.

Temperature: They grow well at temperatures 15 – 35 C

Water: They like to be watered less. Water only to keep the soil moist.

Humidity: Moderate-high humidity conditions

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