Cordyline Fruiticosa, Ti Plant

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Cordyline fruticosa, commonly called as Ti plant, is an evergreen tropical plant that typically grows as a short tree or shrub.

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Cordyline fruticosa, are beautiful, versatile plants having Lance-shaped leaves, glossy green, reddish purple, or marked with streaks of pink, purple, red, yellow or white measuring about 80 cm long. The matured plant also produces small flowers borne in a panicle inflorescence which are white to lavender in color. Cordyline Fruiticosa has unbranched long trunk through which the leaves originate in tufts at the top of the stem.


Care Instructions of Cordyline Fruiticosa

Light – Ti plant can survive partial shade to nearly full sun. However, if the plant is grown in full sun water them more often for the plant to attain its full potential color.

Water – They require consistently moist soil. Take care to water the plant before the surface of the soil gets dried.

Propagation Cordyline fruticosa is propagated mainly by stem cuttings which have one or two eyes. The stem cuttings are sown in the soil with eyes exposed. If maintained proper conditions the eyes produce offshoots.

Soil – The plant performs best in a well-drained, peaty potting mixture consistently moist soil.

Temperature – they grow well at warmer temperatures and cannot withstand too hot and cold conditions which makes it a good plant to grow indoors.

Humidity – they require high humidity conditions, keep the leaf tips from drying out and turning brown. Mist frequently the leaves with water

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