Anthurium, Tail flower, Flamingo flower, Laceleaf Flowering Indoor Plant

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Anthuriums are long-lasting plants, especially when given the right care.  Anthuriums are available in many varieties and in range of colors including pink, orange, purple, yellow, salmon, brown and even black.

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  • low maintenance plant
  • Survives well indoors
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Anthuriums are also known by some common names like tailflower, flamingo flower, and laceleaf. They are evergreen flowering plants with over more than 500 known varieties. Anthuriums are widely cultivated for their glossy heart-shaped foliage and brightly colored flowers arranged on spathe.

Anthurium not only adds a landscape to your house interiors but these plants also remove toxic substances such as benzene, formaldehyde, and ammonia from the air.

Care Instructions for Anthurium Plant

Light – They need indirect light to grow better and yield more flowers. Direct light can burn the leaves

Water – Anthurium requires moist soil all the times. As it also produces some aerial roots above the ground it needs damp soil to grow better.

Soil: Rich, loamy soil which should be well drained and properly aerated or else the roots may rot due to excess moisture.

Temperature: They grow well at warmer temperatures best below 60ºF.

Humidity – They love higher humidity conditions around them to give glossy leaves.

Propagation – Anthuriums can be propagated by cuttings, or you can divide them from the parent plant and re-pot them


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