Aloe Chainsaw

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Aloe Chainsaw is an exotic species and dwarf version of the Aloe genus. Aloe Chainsaw is an evergreen flowering perennial plant.  It is stemless with wide, dark grey-green leaves densely packed in a rosette


It is stemless with wide, dark grey-green leaves densely packed in a rosette. The margins of the leaves are lined with red horny materials and both the margins and the surfaces of the leaves are minutely toothed with bristle-like short, soft red spines. Its fleshy leaves retain water allowing the plant to get through periods of drought without trouble.

Care Instructions for Aloe Chainsaw

Soil – Sandy Well drained gritty soils are suitable for the Aloe Chainsaw to remain healthy.

Light – Partial shade –full sun. Keep them near a window where they can receive bright light.

Water – Water moderately once a week or when the top one inch of the soil is dry.

Temperature – They grow well at room temperatures.

Humidity – Maintain proper humidity during its growth period in summers

Propagation- Mature plants produce many offsets that can be taken from the base of the mother plant early in summer and can be grown as another plant.



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