Aeonium – Tree Aeonium – Tree Houseleek – Irish rose

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Aeonium is also known as tree aeonium, tree houseleek, or Irish rose. They are rare beautiful succulents that can really add visual interest to a succulent collection.

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It has tall and leggy growth habit, with long, arching stems and rosettes of leaves typically arranged on a basal stem. Each rosette produces a central inflorescence only once, containing bright yellow flowers on large pyramidal panicles during the spring season, which then dies back.

Aeoniums are variegated in white, yellow, red, purple, green and black color.

How to grow Aeonium

Succulent Aeoniums make great container plants as they need very little soil. It grows relatively fast when propagated by stem cuttings. Cut the stems with some shoots/heads and leave them to heal. Once the stem cutting is healed, plant them into soil containing a sandy mix. Water them frequently if grown in containers.

Care Instructions for Aeonium

Aeoniums have a special adaptive survival strategy for hot, dry locations and endure a wide range of temperature with well-drained and moist soil. Place the plant indoors near a place where the sun is more prominent. Aeonium needs annual fertilization and they are quite prone to mites. Apply neem oil to avoid mites.

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