Adenium (Desert Rose Plant)

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Buy Adenium (Desert Rose) Plant in 8 inch Plastic Pot

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Adenium is a genus of flowering plants belonging to dogbane family, commonly called as desert rose, impala lily. These plants have swollen succulent stem that stores water. This enables Adenium to tolerate drought conditions.



It has waxy dark green leaves with deep red flowers. Many new varieties have been introduced which produces yellow, white, pink and purple flowers.

Care Instructions For Adenium

Sunlight: These plants appreciate direct sunlight to bloom profusely

Soil: Does better in well-drained cactus mix potting

Water: Water moderately just to keep the soil moist during summer and spring. However, during winters, water them as needed.

Temperature: They like to grow in warmer climate where the temperature ranges from 20-40 degree Celsius

Humidity  – They like moderate to slightly high humidity.

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