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Buy from the widest collection of Indoor plants. You will find here the most exotic indoor plants. Keep these indoor plants in your living room or bedroom and have great refreshing moments.

Jade Plant – Large Leaf – Good Luck Plant – 20 Cm height

390.00 190.00

Buy String of hearts (Ceropegia woodii) Plant Online India

1,105.00 685.00
String of Pearls Plant

String of Pearls Plant in Beautiful Ceramic Pot

930.00 579.00

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

1,010.00 790.00
Lucky bamboo in glass jar - 6 sticks

Lucky Bamboo Plant (Dracaena sanderiana) – 4 Sticks

700.00 349.00

Crassula campfire

370.00 230.00
Buy String of Pearl Plants

Senecio rowleyanus – String of Pearls Plant

620.00 339.00
Crassula ovata_Jade plant_ 4 inch

Crassula ovata, Jade plant

425.00 190.00
Buy Areca Palm in Delhi Noida Gurgaon

Areca Palm

800.00 400.00
Echeveria Agavoides var. corderoyi

Echeveria Agavoides var. corderoyi

500.00 370.00
Mini Jade Plant - crassula ovata

Jade Plant – Crassula Ovata – Mini

500.00 190.00

Crassula Capitella, Campfire Succulent

620.00 385.00
String of hearts - 4 Pots

String of hearts – Set of 4 Pots

4,400.00 2,390.00
sedum morganianum, donkey tail plant, basket

Sedum morganianum, Donkey tail succulent plant basket

520.00 420.00
Dracaena Lemon Lime

Dracaena Lemon Lime, Dragon Tree

750.00 350.00
Snake Plant in Water

Buy Sansevieria trifasciata, Snake Plant (In Water)

999.00 699.00

Buy 3 Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant

600.00 345.00
Echeveria Agavoides - Christmas

Echeveria Agavoides – Christmas

450.00 400.00
Echeveria Agavoides - Lipstick

Echeveria Agavoides – Lipstick

450.00 410.00

Chain of hearts (Ceropegia woodii)

1,105.00 685.00
Money Plant in ceramic pot

Money plant (Epipremnum aureum ,golden pothos) in White Ceramic Pot

350.00 250.00
Lucky Bamboo- Six Sticks

Lucky Bamboo Plant (Dracaena sanderiana) – 6 Sticks

900.00 390.00
Inclined Cube terrarium

Inclined Cube Terrarium

1,400.00 1,190.00

Haworthia in White Ceramic Pot

679.00 495.00

Be In The Midst Of Nature Having Some Of The Exotic Plants Inside Your Home

Plants are one of the major items that make us feel in the midst of nature. Being in the jungle of concretes, living in high rises it is getting difficult to be in serenity in the arms of Mother Nature. However, still one can have some refreshing romantic moment keeping some indoor plants in their living room, kitchen garden, balconies or any other place. They not only enhance the interior décor of the house but also provide many other benefits.

Benefits Of Keeping Pants Indoors

If you want to reduce the level of carbon dioxide of your indoor and want to keep the place a bit humid so that the skins do not dry up, then this type of plants are best. They also help to keep down the dust and nitrogen dioxide levels. If you want to have a soothing temperature, then these types of plants are the best. Well if you are not concerned with the atmosphere of your indoors, then you should keep them to stay calm and composed and feel happy doing some gardening. The matter of fact is what to by and from where to buy.

Buying The Plants

One can buy indoor plants from some of the best online web stores supplying the exotic variety of plants that can be kept indoors. One can buy the succulents like Jade Plants, jelly beans, the string of hearts or cactuses like the opuntia cactus, echino cactus or the heurnia cactus and many more not only to beautify the indoors but also to fulfill the passion of gardening and staying happy.

You can set filters while buying indoor plants online and these best online plant websites will take you to the right product immediately. Not only that, while surfing the online stores for your desired plant, you will be able to know much about home gardening particularly in the pots reading through the blogs and the reviews.

One should always buy indoor plants online only from reputed web-stores who have an extensive collection of the plants, have a good network throughout the country does prompt delivery. Not to say about the health of the plant and the price is the prime factor.


It is time to do some gardening on your own to have some lovely moment amidst nature, and the best online plants stores have opened their doors to bridge the gap. Go for them and enjoy.