Customer Reviews

  1. Rashmi Rekha
    Verified buyer of Variagated String of Hearts

    "The seller was very co-operative. Kept me updated on the status of the parcel. The plants arrived in very good condition. They were packed gently in separate packages inside the parcel. All in all, it was a very pleasant experience buying from the seller."

  1. Hariharan
    Verified buyer of Haworthia Fasciata In White Ceramic Pot

    "The packing was excellent. Actually on seeing the parcel, no one know that live plant is inside. The soil of the plant didn't spill. Amazing."

  1. rishabh Hariharan
    Verified buyer of Strings Of Heart In White Swan Pot

    "Genuine delear to purchase plants from. Helpful customer service incase any issues arise. Nicely packed pots to protect the plants from damage during the transit."

  1. Subhankar
    Verified buyer of Strings Of Heart In White Swan Pot

    "Very pleased with my online purchase from Plantdecor and absolutely love their service and prompt response. Keep up the good work!!"

  1. Roshan Singh
    Verified buyer of Six Lucky Bamboo Sticks In Brown Ceramic Vase

    "Hi, This is Roshan Singh from Ahmedabad. I placed an order for bamboo tree. I like your service and your plant also good. So I prefer more plants my friends"

  1. Abhijit Samanta, New Delhi
    Verified buyer of Vishnu Kamal Plant

    "Yhe Podha Jo apne bheja hai sahi hai acha hai acha aya hai jesa bada mangaya tha wese bada aya hai"

  1. Mary A, New Delhi
    Verified buyer of Buy String of hearts (Ceropegia woodii) Plant Online India

    "Just received my 2nd batch of 5 strings of hearts today and potted it with my 1st single string of hearts I had ordered previously. Was very happy with the plant, the string was healthy and long just as mentioned in the website. So I ordered another 3, but got two more strings for free to compensate the length of the previous one. I am super happy with plant decor and fully satisfied with their customer service. I must also mention how Akshay was very helpful in giving a small discount as I only needed the plants and not the pots. Will definitely buy more plants soon :)"

  1. Leena Gambhir
    Verified buyer of Jade Plant - Large Leaf - Good Luck Plant - 20 Cm height

    "Ordered one bamboo and one jade plant. Got them well before time . The plants were healthy and well packed..."

  1. Anand
    Verified buyer of Lucky Bamboo Plant (Dracaena sanderiana) - 6 Sticks

    "Received the plants in good packing. The ceramic pot looks too good. Ordered 2 plants and 1 plant had some yellow leaf. Overall it's good."