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Jade Plant – Large Leaf – Good Luck Plant – 20 Cm height

390.00 190.00

Buy String of hearts (Ceropegia woodii) Plant Online India

1,105.00 685.00
String of Pearls Plant

String of Pearls Plant in Beautiful Ceramic Pot

930.00 579.00

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

1,010.00 790.00
Sedeveria Green Rose

Buy Sedeveria Green Rose

490.00 380.00
Lucky bamboo in glass jar - 6 sticks

Lucky Bamboo Plant (Dracaena sanderiana) – 4 Sticks

700.00 349.00

Mentha Spicata (Mint, Spear mint)

500.00 189.00

Crassula campfire

370.00 230.00
Buy String of Pearl Plants

Senecio rowleyanus – String of Pearls Plant

620.00 339.00
Crassula ovata_Jade plant_ 4 inch

Crassula ovata, Jade plant

425.00 190.00
Jasmine Night Blooming - Raat ki Rani

Raat Ki Rani – Jasmine Night Blooming (Cestrum nocturnum)

1,000.00 800.00
Buy Pansy plant - scarlet red

Pansy Plant Scarlet Red Blotch

700.00 240.00
Buy Areca Palm in Delhi Noida Gurgaon

Areca Palm

800.00 400.00
Echeveria Agavoides var. corderoyi

Echeveria Agavoides var. corderoyi

500.00 370.00
Mini Jade Plant - crassula ovata

Jade Plant – Crassula Ovata – Mini

500.00 190.00

Jelly beans, Many fingers, Sedum pachyphyllum

570.00 270.00

Crassula Capitella, Campfire Succulent

620.00 385.00
Echevieria Laui

Buy Echeveria Laui Succulent Online

400.00 380.00
String of hearts - 4 Pots

String of hearts – Set of 4 Pots

4,400.00 2,390.00
Echeveria Opalina Succulent plant

Echeveria Opalina Succulent plant

900.00 790.00
Opuntia Microdasys, Bunny Ear Cactus

Opuntia Microdasys (Bunny Ear Cactus)

500.00 300.00
Purple String of bananas (Senecio radicans), basket

Purple String of bananas (Senecio radicans), basket

620.00 420.00
sedum morganianum, donkey tail plant, basket

Sedum morganianum, Donkey tail succulent plant basket

520.00 420.00
Echeveria Elegans- Hens and cheeks

Echeveria elegans

700.00 449.00

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