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    Licorice Vine For Hanging Pots

    Licorice Vines

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    Licorice vine makes a strong impact when grown indoors and is embraced by many gardeners for its gray trailing like masses. This vine adds a beauty when used as companion plants with bright-color blooms.

    The leaves of licorice vine are small rounded and found in shades of silver and gray with small hairs covering the leaves creating a velvety mass. The leaves produce a fine subtle scent of liquorice. It produces small, inconspicuous flowers when grown in its natural habitat.

    How to grow licorice

    Licorice can be propagated through cuttings when grown in a suitable basket containing a rich loamy soil with well drainage.

    Care Instructions

    It is a fast-growing plant that thrives in the sun and does not appreciate regular watering. This plant like full sun for good foliage color and adds on rich color to the companion plant when grown together. It prefers warm temperature and high humidity.

    Lesser known facts

    In South Africa, it’s leaves are burnt for their traditional incense during ceremonies.

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